First Lady Celebrates Let's Move! Achievements at Event Attended by RDNs

Donna Martin shakes hands with president Obama.Academy President-elect Donna Martin shakes hands with President Barack Obama during an event at the White House Garden.

10/07/16 - With President Barack Obama's final term coming to a close, First Lady Michelle Obama dedicated the White House Kitchen Garden during a celebratory event this week, in which she also highlighted the achievements of her Let's Move! program. Several registered dietitian nutritionists were in attendance, including Academy President-elect Donna Martin, EdS, RDN, LD, SNS, FAND, who spoke at the event about the progress schools have made in providing healthier meals and snacks for children.

During the dedication, the First Lady noted importance of the garden's creation in 2009, stating it "helped [the country] start a national conversation about how we live and eat, a conversation that led to the first-ever White House Task Force on Childhood Obesity."

Speaking about Let's Move!, which started in 2010, the First Lady emphasized the programs accomplishments, noting it led to:

  • Healthier meals and snacks at school to 50 million kids.
  • Let's Move! Active Schools, attended by 11 million kids, which provide 60 minutes of physical activity a day.
  • Let's Move! Child Care programs, attended by 1.6 million kids, which provide 225 million healthy meals and snacks each year.
  • Improved access to places to buy healthier food, including 1,000 convenience stores, for 8.1 million people in underserved areas.

While discussing the people who helped make Let's Move! a success, the First Lady specifically called out President-elect Martin, saying the program's achievements were aided by "Food Service Directors like Donna Martin, who worked day and night to come up with healthy recipes that would make kids love their lunches." A video of the ceremony can be viewed on the White House's YouTube page.