Academy Seeks Member Input on Ways to Increase Efficiency of Medicare and Medicaid Programs

11/09/2018 - In preparation for commenting on a proposal focused on efficiency and burden reduction in Medicare and Medicaid, the Academy seeks input from RDNs who directly work in and/or are reimbursed through these critical programs, including RDNs who work in hospitals, ambulatory care, long term care, dialysis, Federally Qualified Health Centers, or a variety of other settings.

Input is desired on how best to reduce burdens for providers and patients, improve care quality, decrease costs and improve overall health care choices, and will be most useful if they include data or evidence to support the position.

To submit input, please contact the Policy and Advocacy Leader of a relevant dietetic practice group (such as Healthy Aging, Dietetics in Health Care Communities, Diabetes Care and Education, Clinical Nutrition Management, Renal or Pediatric Nutrition) by November 12.

Read a proposed rule by the Centers for Medicate & Medicaid Services.