2018 RDN Day Contest Winner Highlighted in Times Square

RDN Day 2018 Winner on Times Square Jumbotron

03/14/2018 - In celebration of Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day and in honor of the 2018 National Nutrition Month® theme, Academy members were asked “How do you help your patients or clients go further with food?”

From more than 90 thoughtful and inspirational testimonials that confirm and support the value of RDNs’ services, the winner of the 2018 Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day contest is Alice Figueroa, MPH, RDN, of New York City:

“Eating is universal – it unites us. Regardless of ethnicity, religion or social class, we can all agree that a delicious and rejuvenating meal brings the purest joy in life. My dedication to nutrition is rooted in my love for food. I am committed to making sustainable, health-supportive and delicious food accessible to our global community. I encourage my clients to be adventurous and mindful eaters by teaching them how to shop for budget-friendly, seasonal foods and cook nutritious and zesty recipes. I create culturally rich nutrition programs that empower communities to reduce food waste and improve global food security.”

Figueroa is the Foundation’s Duke Center for International Development Malnutrition Research Fellow. She conducts a health assessment to determine factors fueling malnutrition in Guatemala and identifies stakeholders providing nutrition services in the region. She is also the creator of a website dedicated to providing practical, science-based nutrition articles.

Thank you to Alice Figueroa and to all registered dietitian nutritionists for everything you do to help improve people’s health through food and nutrition.