Academy Names VP of Human Resources, Culture and Diversity

05/23/2022 - Carrolyn Patterson, a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics staff for over 21 years, serving in recent years on the Executive Team as Senior Director of Human Resources and Office Services, has been promoted to Vice President of Human Resources Culture and Diversity. Patterson, who holds both a BA in public administration and an MBA in Human Resources and Personnel Administration from Roosevelt University, will continue to lead the Academy's HR efforts with an enhanced focus on culture and diversity.

"Carrolyn has been instrumental in engaging, activating and supporting the Academy's staff. She ensures pathways forward for all people within the organization to demonstrate and accelerate our commitment to inclusion, diversity, equity and access," said Pat Babjak, CEO. "We congratulate Carrolyn and look forward to working closely with her to achieve the Academy's diversity goals."

The Academy’s diversity, equity and inclusion efforts will involve examining staff-related programs, including performance management, recruitment and selection; coaching and development; recognition and reward; diversity and inclusion; and implementing ideas that expand our existing efforts related to attracting and retaining new diverse talent while supporting and developing existing diverse staff.  These efforts will align with the Academy’s core principles, key attributes, strategic plan and Affirmative Action efforts.

The goal is to ensure the Academy supports a work environment that helps people contribute and collaborate at their full potential. This means developing an organizational culture that creates a great place for people to work together. The benefit to the business in cultivating a great work culture is sustained, high performance by the people working in the organization.

Updated June 27, 2022, to include diversity, equity and inclusion goals.