New Report Showcases How Budget Cuts Hurt Hungry Seniors

11/08/2017 - A report by NDD United titled "Faces of Austerity 2.0: How Budget Cuts Continue to Make Us Sicker, Poorer and Less Secure" highlights federal government programs that help ensure older Americans can eat healthful and nutritious meals. The report includes stories of individuals affected by cuts to senior meal programs, and notes the three major funding streams for seniors, which are included in the Older Americans Act, has "remained relatively flat...reducing the number of seniors who are able to access slots for programs like Meals on Wheels."

The Academy served as a reviewer for the draft document and attended the Capitol Hill briefing following the report's release.

“Faces of Austerity 2.0” is a follow up to the original report by the NDD, which was released in November 2013.

Visit the Academy’s page about the Older Americans Act to learn more about government programs addressing hunger among seniors.