Canada Unveils New Food Guide

1/24/2019—Canada's new Food Guide launched January 21, 2019, taking a modern approach to communicating dietary guidance to consumers, health professionals and policy makers.

Modern photography featuring healthy food choices and eating habits; renewed terminology to reflect the words and phrases Canadians already use to describe foods and food choices; and a de-emphasis on food groups, serving number and serving size replaced with actionable advice on how to eat are all key features of the new Food Guide.

The Food Guide resources include:

  • Canada's Dietary Guidelines for Health Professionals and Policy Makers
  • Food Guide Snapshot
  • Resources such as actionable advice, videos and recipes
  • Evidence including the Evidence Review for Dietary Guidance 2015 and the Food, Nutrients and Health: Interim Evidence Update 2018

Learn about the new Food Guide and read the response from Dietitians of Canada.