NDEP Documents

Alternate Supervised Practice Activities and Assignments

To help provide educators with examples of activities and assignments to use for alternate supervised practice experiences, NDEP has compiled a listing of resources organized into four categories: General, Clinical, Community and Foodservice. Please note: the first item listed in the General category is the link to the Google folder titled Alternative Hours for Dietetic Interns - COVID-19 Restrictions. This folder contains many additional resources and activities shared by our NDEP members, and is a location where members may actively continue to post items to share.

FNCE 2019 Roundtable Discussion Notes

Below are the typed up notes from each of the roundtable discussions that occurred at FNCE 2019.

Open House Listing

This resource was created and is maintained by Victoria M. Getty, M.Ed, RDN, and is being made available through Nutrition and Dietetic Educators and Preceptors (NDEP). These listings will provide you with information regarding open houses being hosted by accredited dietetic internships and coordinated programs to provide supervised opportunities and training for achievement of required competencies.

For more information about the Open House Listing, email Vicky Getty.

Revised 2018 Standards of Professional Performance

View the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics article titled "Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics: Revised 2018 Standards of Professional Performance for Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (Competent, Proficient, and Expert) in Education of Nutrition and Dietetics Practitioners."