Muslims in Dietetics and Nutrition (MIDAN)

MIG #07

Muslim in Dietetics and Nutrition aims to serve Academy members from various practice areas with an interest in cross-cultural awareness and reducing health disparities, specifically as they relate to the Muslim population. The group's activities and projects revolve around the following areas: professional development and networking, community education, and increasing both diversity and cultural competence within the dietetics profession. MIDAN membership consists of approximately 150 culturally and professionally diverse Academy members who work with Muslim clients or patients professionally, who are of the Muslim faith personally, or who otherwise have an interest in increasing cultural competency skills.

Membership Total

146 members (updated May 2013)

Membership Benefits

  • Participate in member events and other networking opportunities at the Food and Nutrition Conference & Expo (FNCE®), via online forums, and more.
  • Access MIDAN-developed presentations and other educational material about pertinent nutrition topics that can be used in your local communities, such as our "Healthy Eating During the Month of Ramadan" presentation
  • Enjoy a subscription to MIDAN's Figs and Olives newsletter featuring unique articles specific to our members' needs
  • Enhance leadership and organizational skills with a number of volunteer opportunities
  • Develop personally and professionally with ongoing cultural enrichment
  • Give back to both the Muslim and dietetics communities with nutrition education and cross-cultural advocacy

Newsletter Name and Unique Features

  • MIDAN's newsletter, Figs and Olives, features fascinating, inspirational, educational and practical pieces of interest to MIDAN membership. Past issues have featured a variety of topics including: cross-cultural competency, cultural experiences, the halal industry, international nutrition, nutrition trends, food and cooking, student guidance, and recaps of member events and activities.

Other Publications

  • Muslims in Dietetics and Nutrition (MIDAN) MIG Ramadan Toolkit
    • Instructor's Guide (includes background on Islam, Muslims, Ramadan, fasting, as well as nutritional, cultural, and other considerations)
    • "Healthy Eating During Ramadan" PowerPoint Presentation
    • "Healthy Eating During Ramadan" Participant Handout
    • "Healthy Eating During Ramadan" Customizable Event Flyer
    • Bonus Materials
      • Glossaries of South Asian and Arab Foods, by MEND (Mind, Exercise, Nutrition…Do it!) Childhood Obesity Program
      • Halal In-Service Kit, by Med-Diet, includes Instructor's Guide, "Creating a Halal-Friendly Kitchen" PowerPoint Presentation, Post-Test, Handouts, Customizable Event Invitations, and other tools to organize and lead a successful Halal In-Service
      • Halal Foodservice Kit, by the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA), includes studies and other comprehensive information on implementing halal dietary services

In-Person Networking, Business Meetings, and Receptions

  • Annual events at Food and Nutrition Conference & Expo (FNCE), including member meeting, member networking dinner, joint member interest group reception
  • Local events are also held during the months of Ramadan and National Nutrition Month
  • Online Networking and Professional Development

Awards, Grants, Scholarships and Stipends

  • FNCE student stipends
  • Membership awards for volunteer involvement


You must be an Academy member to join MIDAN. If you are not an Academy member but are qualified to be one, you must first join the Academy before joining MIDAN.

Dues for MIDAN are $25 for Academy members for the June 1st to May 31st Academy year. A special student rate of $15 is available for Academy student members. Dues cannot be prorated, refunded or transferred.

How to Join:

  • Join by phone at 800/877-1600, Extension 5000. Request to join MIDAN, MIG #7.

General Contact: