Public Health/Community Nutrition DPG


DPG #10

The Public Health/Community Nutrition Practice Group (PHCNPG) is a dynamic group of about 1,595 members who are involved in program planning and evaluation, education, direct care and consultation services, policy and research in the United States and abroad. Members work in partnership with health professionals, community leaders, and other key stakeholders to serve the public through the promotion of optimal nutrition, health, and well-being. PHCNPG members work in a variety of roles and settings, such as:

  • Providing population-based services at the national, state, and local levels
  • Providing direct care in WIC, primary care clinics, and other community-based settings
  • Serving as consultants to Head Start programs, child care centers, schools, school-based health clinics, home health programs, nursing homes and other health care programs
  • Teaching in colleges, universities, and Cooperative Extension Services
  • Conducting research in academic and public health/community settings
  • Engaging in program planning, development, implementation, and evaluation at the federal, state and local levels
  • Providing leadership and training in food safety, emergency preparedness, food security and sustainable food and water systems.

PHCNPG has been involved in formulating nutrition criteria for public health, guiding legislation and public policy, setting nutrition standards for care and professional practice, and developing projects that promote public health/community nutrition.

Mission: Empowering members to be leaders in the practice of public health nutrition and community nutrition.

Vision: Optimizing the population's health through the application of public health nutrition and community nutrition principles and interventions.


The Digest is the quarterly publication of PHCNPG, providing current news and up-to-date practice articles to members.


  • Excellence in Public Health/Community Nutrition Award (a $500 honorarium for PHCNPG members only)
  • Outstanding Member of the Year Award (a $500 honorarium for PHCNPG members only)
  • Outstanding Young Member of the Year Award (a $500 honorarium for PHCNPG members only)
  • Outstanding Student Member of the Year Award (honorarium and criteria to be determined)
  • Gwendolyn Rossell Memorial Award available to help PHCNPG members with expenses for continuing education (CE). (The award will pay up to 80% percent of CE and travel estimated expenses with a maximum of $1,000 per event. No individual may receive the award more than once a year. For more information, see the details posted on the PHCNPG website.

For more information, contact Margaret Tate, MS, RD, Awards Committee Chair.

Networking, Continuing Professional Education, Resources, and Volunteer Opportunities


Enhancement and Promotion of Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Strategic Initiatives and Campaigns

PHCNPG members take leadership roles in diverse food and nutrition areas that directly impact public health.

Many of PHCNPG's activities support the Academy's strategic goals, including building an aligned, engaged, diverse membership, increasing demand for and utilization of services, empowering members to compete successfully in a rapidly changing environment, and impacting the agenda for research.

In addition, PHCNPG members actively participate in the Academy's national and state policy nutrition initiatives.