DPG Role in Reviewing Academy Positions

Expiring Position Paper Reviewer

The Academy Positions Committee (APC) selects appropriate DPGs to review expiring position papers. Volunteers from those DPGs provide feedback on whether the position paper should be reaffirmed and updated or be retired. APC uses this information to determine recommendations to forward to the HOD Leadership Team who then either reaffirms or retires these position papers.

The chairs of many DPGs will be contacted in the fall of each year to provide names/contact information of members who are willing to review the position papers that will be expiring December 31 of the following year.

"General Reviewer" of Updated and/or New Positions

Solicitations or calls for names of possible authors, reviewers and content advisors are conducted throughout the year for position papers that were approved by HOD Leadership Team for reaffirmation and updating. A solicitation for authors, etc. for a new position paper may also be conducted at any time of the year. These solicitations are sent out to various Academy groups, including the DPGs. The recommended individuals are then contacted to submit an application and CV/resume so they can be considered for author, reviewer or content advisor. APC assigns a workgroup consisting of two or three members to guide the development of a new or updated position paper. The workgroup selects the authors, reviewers and content advisor from the individuals submitting information. All reviewers have the option of having their name published as a reviewer.

DPG Reviewer of Updated and/or New Positions

During the selection of authors, reviewers (total of five to seven) and content advisor, the workgroup may also select related DPGs to review the position paper draft. A request will be made to the DPG for a member to review the position paper. All reviewers have the option of having their name published as a reviewer. The DPG name will also be listed.