Clinical Nutrition Management DPG

DPG #44

Members of the Clinical Nutrition Management (CNM) DPG are managers, practitioners and students of clinical nutrition programs across the health care continuum — in acute, sub-acute and long-term care, outpatient settings and home health. As leaders in health care systems, they are responsible for developing and implementing nutrition programs that keep pace with the changing health care environment and conform to the cost limitations of managed care.

They work with clinical staff and interdisciplinary teams to achieve optimum patient outcomes and health system goals, and to ensure continuous improvement in the quality of nutrition care. The CNM DPG is an invaluable resource to those destined to be cutting-edge leaders in health care. CNM is committed to providing members with the knowledge and skills to advance clinical nutrition practice into the future.

Mission: Shape leadership to advance nutrition practices in health care.
Vision: Recognized as valued leaders in health care.

Member Benefits

Future Dimensions in Clinical Nutrition Management is an electronic quarterly publication which includes cutting-edge articles, investigations, practical experiences in managing nutrition services, advertising and future plans for CEU articles.

Subspecialty Unit

Three subspecialty units have been created to support collaboration and sharing of information and expertise among CNM members.

  • Food and Nutrition Informatics provides support and resources for electronic and technological systems related to nutrition programs.
  • Quality Management and Process Improvement educates Clinical Nutrition Managers on the various healthcare quality standards, measures, and tools and introduces members to process improvement methods.
  • CNM Pediatric Management provides CNMs who have responsibility for managing pediatric care with a forum to benchmark as well as share data and best practices. The sub-unit offers tools and resources targeted specifically at challenges facing institutions providing care to children, including staffing, assessment of competencies, regulatory requirements, and budgeting, as well as implementation of outcomes-focused initiatives specific to pediatric units, clinics and/or facilities.

Networking, Business Meetings, Continuing Professional Education Events, Receptions

  • CNM-EML is an electronic mailing list to facilitate timely interactive communication among CNM members. This continues to be an invaluable communication resource to members.
  • CNM offers an annual continuing professional education symposium to provide skills development and networking opportunities for members. Typically attendees are able to obtain 20-22 CEUs. Those attending rate the symposium as providing "excellent, pertinent, timely topics with tools ready to be used."
  • CNM also sponsors general sessions and pre-meeting workshops at the Academy's Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo.

Enhancement and Promotion of the Academy's Strategic Initiatives and Campaigns

Many of the above mentioned products, services and events support the Academy's Member Initiative. The CNM Program of Work reflects the needs of its membership. Specific CNM initiatives supporting the member initiative include the development of a set of clinical benchmarking indicators, the CNM Symposium and the CNM-EML electronic mailing list.