Further with Food: Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Joins Public-Private Partnership to Reduce Food Waste

January 26, 2017

CHICAGO – The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics will participate in "Further With Food: Center for Food Loss and Waste Solutions," an online hub for the exchange of information and solutions to cut food waste in half by 2030.

Further With Food is designed to be the definitive online destination for businesses, government entities, investors, non-governmental organizations, educators and other interested individuals to learn more about their role in meeting the national food waste reduction goal.

"The Academy is proud to be one of the founders of this collaborative effort to solve one of the most pressing challenges of our time," said registered dietitian nutritionist and the Academy’s 2016-2017 President Lucille Beseler. "Food waste is a solvable problem. The end result is less food waste and fewer people who lack reliable access to affordable, nutritious food. Further With Food will be a place to compare notes on what's working, to build on new ideas, find solutions and build a more resilient and productive food system."

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Economic Research Service, the U.S. spends more than $162 billion to grow, process and transport food that is never eaten, costing the average family $1,500 every year. In the process, fresh water, energy, land, labor and money are invested into food that is never sold, leading to greenhouse gas emissions as food decays in landfills.

In addition to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, participants in Further With Food are U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Feeding America, Food Marketing Institute, Grocery Manufacturers Association, Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy, National Consumers League, Natural Resources Defense Council, National Restaurant Association, World Resources Institute and World Wildlife Fund. Major funding was provided by the Rockefeller Foundation. Keystone Policy Center provided technical assistance.


All registered dietitians are nutritionists – but not all nutritionists are registered dietitians. The Academy's Board of Directors and Commission on Dietetic Registration have determined that those who hold the credential registered dietitian (RD) may optionally use "registered dietitian nutritionist" (RDN) instead. The two credentials have identical meanings.

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