A History of Mega Issues

Mega Issues Discussed by HOD since October 2000

Fall 2000 HOD Meeting

  • Conceptualized Future Practice Roles
  • Investigated Composition and Structure of HOD

Spring 2001 HOD Meeting

  • Formulated Future Practice Roles and Continuing Professional Education
  • Collected Mega Issues and Reviewed the Issues Management Processes

Fall 2001 HOD Meeting

  • Outlined Sale of Dietary Supplements
  • Directed Membership Categories
  • Promoted Performance, Proficiency, and Value of Dietetics Professionals

Spring 2002 HOD Meeting

  • Developed Research Philosophy
  • Evaluated Membership Categories

Fall 2002 HOD Meeting

  • Launched Nutrition Care Process
  • Analyzed Proposed Dues Increase
  • Addressed Customer Satisfaction

Spring 2003 HOD Meeting

  • Conceived The Evolving Role of Prevention, Medical Care and the Dietetics Professional
  • Molded The Future of Management in Dietetics
  • Updated Customer Satisfaction

Fall 2003 HOD Meeting

  • Refined Dietetic Technicians and their Role within the Profession of Dietetics
  • Created Dietetics Education and the Needs for the Future

Spring 2004 HOD Meeting

  • Evaluated HOD Governance Processes
  • Analyzed Meeting the Challenges of a Culturally and Ethnically Diverse US Population

Fall 2004 HOD Meeting

  • Facilitated Communications
  • Investigated Generational Diversity

Spring 2005 HOD Meeting

  • Guided Dietetics Education Task Force Report
  • Formulated Value of ADA Membership

Fall 2005 HOD Meeting

  • Defined the Role of the Dietetics Professional in Supporting a Sustainable Food Supply that Is Safe and Healthful
  • Created Dietetics Professionals and ADA Organizational Units’ Relationships with Industry

Spring 2006 HOD Meeting

  • Investigated Adequate and Safe Food and Water Supply in the Event of an Emergency
  • Stimulated Strategic Direction for the Profession of Dietetics
  • HOD Session: Dietetics Education Task Force Update and Future Steps
  • HOD Session: Follow-up of Industry Relationship Guidelines

Fall 2006 HOD Meeting

  • Applied Nutrition Care Process and Model Implementation
  • Evaluated HOD Governance Restructure to Move the Profession Forward
  • Reevaluated Student Dues

Spring 2007 HOD Meeting

  • Established Future Vision of Dietetics Practice
  • Motivated Public Policy and Advocacy
  • Introduced Branding/Image of Dietetics

Fall 2007 HOD Meeting

  • Analyzed Member Dues Increase
  • Evaluated Dietetics Education (dependent on the work of Phase 2 Future Practice & Education Task Force)
  • Examined Health Disparities (Submitted by the Issues Management Committee)

Spring 2008 HOD Meeting

  • The Changing US Family to the Practice of Dietetics
  • Summarized Final Report of the Phase 2 Future Practice & Education Task Force (similar to session conducted in Spring 2006 with the Dietetics Education Task Force recommendations).

Fall 2008 HOD Meeting

  • Formulated Nutrigenomics
  • Conceptualized Nutrition Informatics

Spring 2009 HOD Meeting (virtual)

  • Prevention of Childhood Obesity
  • Incorporating DPGs into the House of Delegates

Fall 2009 HOD Meeting

  • Evidence-Based Practice
  • Health Care Reform

Spring 2010 HOD Meeting (virtual)

  • Management and Leadership
  • Health and Nutrition Literacy

Fall 2010 HOD Meeting

  • Health Reform-Next Steps
  • Multidisciplinary Membership Category

Spring 2011 HOD Meeting

  • Positioning the Profession of Dietetics
  • Collecting Mega Issues

Fall 2011 HOD Meeting

  • Licensure
  • Interdisciplinary Teams
  • Future Connections Summit Final Report

Spring 2012 HOD Meeting

  • Continuum of Professional Preparation and Growth-Part 1
  • Continuum of Professional Preparation and Growth-Part 2

Fall 2012 HOD Meeting

  • Moving Forward-A Vision for Education, Credentialing and Practice (dialogue conducted over 1 day)
  • Public Health Nutrition: It’s Every Members’ Business

Spring 2013 HOD Meeting

  • Food and Nutrition Insecurity (dialogue conducted over 2 days)

Fall 2013 HOD Meeting

  • Nutrition Services Delivery and Payment: The Business of Every Academy Member

Spring 2014 HOD Meeting

  • Engaging Members in Research

Fall 2014 HOD Meeting

  • Business and Management Skills
  • Current Practice Issue Discussion: Preceptor and Internship Shortage

Spring 2015 HOD Meeting

  • Academy's Sponsorship Program

Fall 2015 HOD Meeting

  • Engaging Members in the Need to Address Malnutrition across all Nutrition and Dietetic Practice Settings
  • Current Membership Issue Discussion: Sponsorship Advisory Task Force's Interim Report

Spring 2016 HOD Meeting

  • Change Drivers and Trends Driving the Profession: A Prelude to the Visioning Report
  • Issue Briefing – Technological Innovations that Impact Food and Nutrition

Fall 2016 HOD Meeting

  • Capitalizing on our Strengths to Create a Future where Credentialed Food and Nutrition Practitioners Play an Integral Role in Wellness and Prevention