House of Delegates Core Functions

The purpose of the House of Delegates core functions are to provide direction for the HOD to address professional issues facing the membership and to prevent duplication of work by the HOD and other Academy organizational units, while promoting collaboration with all organizational units. The following core functions help to guide delegates to understand their roles in meeting the needs of members.

Member Focus

  • Represent and advocate member issues impacting the profession
  • Identify and respond to member needs related to marketplace demands

Information Systems/Communications

  • Assess and manage change and communicate to proactively position the profession for the future
  • Provide delegates with regular communications related to HOD and Academy activities
  • Information on HOD and Academy activities available on member only website and HOD Communications Platform
  • Assess, recommend and/or develop information systems to support core functions of HOD

Strategic Thinking/Visioning

  • Develop annual objectives for HOD and HLT to govern the profession and support the Strategic Plan
  • Provide input and direction to the Strategic Plan
  • Identify, prioritize and evaluate trends
  • Receive updates on the status of the Strategic Plan
  • Conduct routine oversight of usual HOD activities that impact the profession, member services and/or HOD
  • Participate in the visioning process for future practice and education as conducted by the Council on Future Practice

New Products/Services Development

  • Assess current products/services as related to governing the profession for continuation, improvement and/or discontinuation
  • Develop and maintain systems to forecast the viability and sustainability of products and services
  • Identify and investigate new products and services

Governance (Processes for Governing the Profession)

  • Establish the size and structure of the HOD
  • Monitor member issues, mega issues and resulting actions
  • Monitor outcomes of HOD motions
  • Provide oversight to the Academy and affiliate bylaws

Professional Leadership

  • Position and educate members for leadership opportunities within the Academy and in their professional practice settings
  • Identify leaders (current and emerging) within the Academy in collaboration with delegates (affiliate, DPG Delegate, at-large), affiliate leaders, DPG and MIG leaders and the Nominating Committee
  • Assist with recruitment and retention efforts related to leadership development

Setting Policy for the Profession

  • Review, deliberate, and recommend policy and strategic direction for practice, education, and research
  • Provide direction for quality management in dietetics practice
  • Review, debate and approve professional standards
  • Make recommendations for standards of education and standards of practice
  • Adopt and revise with the Commission on Dietetic Registration the Code of Ethics for dietetics practitioners, disciplinary procedures for unethical conduct, and reinstatement conditions
  • Make recommendations on standards, qualifications, and other issues related to credentialing to the Commission on Dietetic Registration
  • Make recommendations on accreditation, approval, and related issues to the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Identify issues and develop positions


  • Promote the economic value and welfare of the dietetics professional
  • Debate and approve membership dues and the formula for dues payment to affiliate associations (per Academy Bylaws)
  • Provide input and direction to BOD regarding the Academy budget planning process based upon work conducted by HOD
  • Receive financial updates including the annual report