Visioning Process

The Council on Future Practice utilizes its visioning process to help define a preferred future for the profession of nutrition and dietetics. All Academy organizational units and members play a vital role in helping to shape the future by providing input into the priority areas, change drivers and trends identified by the Council. Academy members and credentialed dietetics practitioners are invited to provide their input into the Council on Future Practice's Visioning Process:


Visioning Reports

Visioning Report 2017: A Preferred Path Forward for the Nutrition and Dietetics Profession

The Council on Future Practice's 2017 report offers 12 priority recommendations for actionable items that can be pursued in the next 10 to 15 years to advance the profession and dietetics, based on change drivers and trends driving the profession.

Moving Forward: A Vision for the Continuum of Dietetics Education, Credentialing and Practice

The Council on Future Practice's 2012 report provides direction for preparing students in the future and is not intended to impact current practitioners or educators today.

CFP Visioning Report and Consensus Agreement for Moving Forward the Continuum of Dietetics Education, Credentialing and Practice

This 2013 report details recommendations on the interrelated continuum of education, credentialing and practice discussed during a meeting of five organizational units of the Academy — ACEND, CDR, CFP, Education Committee and NDEP DPG. Plans on implementing these changes are included.

A Future-Focused Vision for a New Model of Differentiated Entry-Level Nutrition and Dietetics Practice

The 2013 report provides a future-focused vision that frames practice roles knowledge and skills at each of the three practice levels (associate degree, baccalaureate degree and graduate degree) based on previous reports produced by the Academy, ACEND, CDR and other sources of information.