Councils, Committees and Task Forces Directory

  • Leadership Directory

    Committees of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics serve as key working groups selected by the President-elect and Speaker-elect. Committees are permanent organizational units within the structure of the Academy, whereas a task force or workgroup is assigned a short-term project.

  • Academy Positions Committee

    The committee oversees the development process for new positions and regularly reviews and updates existing Academy positions and oversees development of practice papers.

  • AND Political Action Committee

    ANDPAC is a single fund for a common cause, and it is the only political action committee that speaks for food, nutrition and health issues.

  • BOD Executive Committee

    The BOD Executive Committee comprises the president who serves as chair, as well as the president-elect, treasurer, treasurer-elect, speaker, speaker-elect, Foundation chair and chief executive officer.

  • Committee for Lifelong Learning

    The Committee for Lifelong Learning — a joint House of Delegates/Board of Directors Committee — is responsible for the review and selection of educational sessions (core programming) for the annual Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo.

  • Committee for Public Health/Community Nutrition

    The Committee for Public Health/Community Nutrition in collaboration with other Academy organizational units will promote and support issues and activities related to public health nutrition and community nutrition that impact the profession and the Academy.

  • Consumer Protection and Licensure Subcommittee

    The Consumer Protection and Licensure Subcommittee (CPLS) is a sub-committee of the Legislative and Public Policy Committee (LPPC) that guides the strategy of the Academy's advocacy and public policy work in the area of consumer protection and licensure, consistent with the Academy's mission and vision.

  • Council on Future Practice

    The Council on Future Practice (CFP) will work in collaboration with the Commission on Dietetic Registration and Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics to project the future practice needs for the profession of dietetics.

  • Council on Research

    The Council on Research will exist to enhance communication and alignment of the Academy’s research efforts.

  • Diversity Committee

    The Diversity Committee facilitates recruitment of, retention of and leadership development for individuals from underrepresented groups as identified by the Academy.