About Academy Committees and Task Forces

Committees of the Academy provide an opportunity for members to participate in committee work activities that benefit members. Committee are a permanent organizational unit within the structure of the Academy. As of June 1, 2014, committees are no longer designated to be either a HOD, BOD or Joint BOD/HOD committee. Rather, they are referred to as Academy committees of which there are 21 standing committees. All committees are appointed except for three committees which are elected: Board of Directors Executive Committee, HOD Leadership Team, and Nominating Committee.

Leadership Directory

The Speaker-elect, and the President-elect, in collaboration with staff, appoint committee members annually utilizing the results of the Opportunities to Serve survey conducted in January-February. Appointments are made in March and the membership is notified of these appointments in May. Members are chosen according to expertise, skills and needs of the committee to address its charge.

The Board of Directors may establish a new committee as needed and may disband a committee that no longer meets the overall needs of the Academy. Committees are evaluated every three years by the Board to confirm the need for them to continue or to be modified or disbanded. The Board provides general oversight to all committees; however, committees who addressing a professional issue will confer with the HOD Leadership Team (similar to the role of HOD to govern the profession) and the Board will provide input on organizational issues related to the work of a committee (similar to its role to govern the organization).

All committees establish goals for each program year. The goals are designed to support the strategic plan of the Academy and are shared with the Board of Director on a yearly basis, along with updates.