Nutrition CARE Act

The Nutrition CARE Act would instruct Medicare to cover medical nutrition therapy for individuals with eating disorders.

Nutrition CARE Act


  • First Introduced: 2019
  • Re-introduced in 117th U.S. Congress as Nutrition CARE Act of 2021 (H.R. 1551/ S. 584)


More than 30 million people of all ages and genders in the United States are affected by eating disorders during their lifetime. Despite this staggering statistic, it is reported that only one-third of individuals with eating disorders receive treatment. According to the National Eating Disorders Association, these conditions have one of the highest mortality rates of all psychiatric conditions.

A key component of effective eating disorder treatment is MNT provided by an RDN, which is not currently covered by Medicare Part B. The Nutrition Counseling Aiding Recovery for Eating Disorders Act (also known as the Nutrition CARE Act) would close this gap by providing Medicare coverage of MNT for individuals with an eating disorder.

Potential components of MNT for eating disorders include:

  • Dietary assessment and eating disorder screening
  • Developing healthy attitudes and behaviors surrounding food/eating
  • Dietary changes to promote a healthy body weight and replete the body's nutrients
  • Establishing community connections and support systems

The Academy supports this bill through our membership in the Eating Disorders Coalition for Research, Policy & Action.

For more information on the Nutrition CARE Act, download the issue brief and leave behind.