Attend a Local Fundraiser

Make politics YOUR business in your home town!

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Political Action Committee (ANDPAC) encourages Academy members to attend local fundraisers for members of Congress. One of the Academy's priorities for this year is to make grassroots, advocacy and ANDPAC activities more integrated. Sponsoring Academy members to attend local fundraisers is part of that process.

Academy member attendance at locally held fundraisers helps the Academy's advocacy efforts for several reasons:

  • Academy members have the opportunity to get involved in advocacy, and greater involvement strengthens the Academy's grassroots network.
  • Congressmen prefer to hear from their own constituents about issues.
  • Local fundraisers are considerably cheaper to attend than those in Washington, which is a more efficient use of ANDPAC dollars.
  • Local events tend to be smaller, so Academy members are likely to have more "face time" with the congressman.

To find a local fundraiser near you, contact ANDPAC. If you already know of an upcoming local fundraiser you'd like to attend, download and submit the new ANDPAC Contribution Request form.