DI Participation in Preselect Option

Dietetic Internships may apply for participation in the preselect process if one of the following situations exists:

  1. The program is a non-degree granting Dietetic Internship, sponsored by a university with graduate programs and wishes to grant early admission to students already enrolled in the graduate programs. Remaining positions would be filled through computer matching. This option does not apply to DI/master's programs (DIs that are combined with a graduate degree and require completion of the graduate degree).
  2. The program admits graduates with degrees from programs at the same institution and wishes to grant early admission to those applicants. Applicants not selected may apply to other programs through computer matching.
  3. The program admits employees of the sponsoring organization, but wishes to also fill some positions through computer matching.
  4. An institution that sponsors a Dietetic Internship but not both Dietetic Internship and a Didactic Program in Dietetics may grant early admission to applicants from Didactic Programs. This option requires that the Dietetic Internship and Didactic Program(s) establish an affiliation agreement(s) that does not include a provision for financial compensation for the internship positions used to place students in the preselect process. Didactic program applicants not placed during the preselect process may apply to other internship programs through computer matching.
  5. The program has the ability to award financial aid, such as graduate assistantships or scholarships. The DI program must select applicants for this aid prior to the computer match withdrawal deadline date.

Programs who wish to participate in the preselect process must identify the number of positions to be filled early through the preselect process. The remaining positions will be filled through the computer matching process. Applicants for the preselect positions must be notified of their acceptance/rejection by established deadlines. In addition, these programs will need to e-mail D&D Digital (Info@dnddigital.com) the preselected individuals' names with their email addresses by the established deadline dates. With this information, D&D Digital will be able to ensure that these students are not participating in the computer match. All program materials will need to clearly describe the preselect process and state the number of positions preselected so that applicants will be prepared to participate in the computer match process if necessary. February 1 and September 1 have been established as the preselect deadlines for the April and November computer match respectively.

How to Participate in the Preselect Option Process

Any DI wishing to participate in the preselect process must email the request to acendreports@eatright.org. The request must include documentation on how the program meets the requirements as described below:

  1. Maximum number of students currently accredited to accept
  2. Number of students to be preselected
  3. Number of positions to be filled through computer matching
  4. Draft of recruitment materials describing this new information
  5. Copy of the signed affiliation agreement between the DI(s) and DPD if applying for the preselection process under category #4 described above

Please allow 3-4 weeks for review of this request. Questions regarding computer matching should be directed to ACEND® staff at acend@eatright.org or 800/877-1600, ext. 5400.