Dietetic Internship Match for Directors

The Dietetic Internship Match is a computer-based method which provides an orderly and fair way to match the preferences of applicants for Dietetic Internships (DIs) with the preferences of DI program directors. The Academy contracts with a company called D&D Digital to operate the DI Match and help applicants obtain an Internship (supervised practice position).

Through the DICAS, program directors can access applications from applicants who applied to their programs. The program director and other staff from each Dietetic Internship program screen applications and submit rankings for acceptable applicants, as well as indicating their maximum class size.

If you have questions about the centralized application, please contact DICAS customer support at 617/612-2855 or or check the DICAS Portal.

If you need assistance with computer matching, please contact D&D Digital customer support at 515/292-0490 or or check the D&D Digital website.

DICAS and Computer Match Process Overview

ACEND® has developed a handout which includes an overview of the current application and matching process.


DICAS Enhancements

Updated Computer Match Committee Recommendations for 2017

Open House Listings

This resource was created and is maintained by Victoria M. Getty, M.Ed, RDN, and is being made available through Nutrition and Dietetic Educators and Preceptors. These listings will provide you with information regarding open houses being hosted by accredited dietetic internships and coordinated programs to provide supervised opportunities and training for achievement of required competencies.

  • No listings at this time

If you have questions specific to any of the open houses, please direct them to the contact person designated on the listing. General questions regarding the listing document can be directed to



D&D Digital


  • DI Director Responsibilities

    DI Program Directors are responsible for providing potential applicants with detailed instructions and all necessary application information as well as advising applicants on the computer matching and appointment phases.

  • DI Participation in Preselect Option

    There are certain situations that permit Dietetic Internships to apply for participation in the preselect process. Read about the requirements for participating in the preselect process.

  • Didactic Program Director Responsibilities

    Didactic Program Directors are responsible for advising applicants throughout the process, including the computer matching phase, application phase, and appointment phase.