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DICAS Guidelines for ISPP

Guideline 1: ISPP program directors now have the option to use DICAS as a centralized application system on the first day of the second round selection period (the same day as other DI programs). Please refer to the computer matching calendars for dates per cycle.

Guideline 2: ISPPs that opt to be listed on DICAS can open their programs on DICAS the first day of the second round selection period. Note: this guideline is to ensure the applicant is applying to the correct program/track, especially if the program offers a traditional internship and an ISPP.

Guideline 3: ISPP program directors will follow the same second round selection timeline (due dates, etc.) as the DI programs participating in the second round. Please refer to the Second Round Match Guidelines listed on ACEND's website.

Guideline 4: NDEP's Computer Match Committee will contact all ISPP program directors to identify those who would like to be added to the DICAS program designation section for the second round. ISPP program director can close their application acceptance status at any time during this process when they no longer wish to receive applications.

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