Coordinated Programs in Dietetics

Listed below are the Coordinated Programs in Dietetics (CP). After each program's address is the accreditation status granted by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND) and the date of the next program review. The accreditation status definitions are as follows:

  • Candidacy for Accreditation—program not previously accredited that has had one site visit and is being implemented according to the ACEND Accreditation Standards.
  • Accredited—program that has had at least one site visit and is in compliance with the Accreditation Standards.
  • Probationary Accreditation—program fails to comply with the Accreditation Standards or published policies.
  • Accreditation Withdrawn—program fails to comply with the Accreditation Standards or published policies within a specified time period.

Currently all the CPs must provide the required dietetics coursework and at least 1200 hours of supervised practice within an academic program leading to a bachelor's or graduate degree. Graduates of Coordinated Programs who are verified by the program director are eligible to write the CDR registration examination for dietitians.

Program information and application forms should be requested directly from the program directors.