Future Education Model

The ACEND® Standards Committee has been developing standards and competencies for a new model for education in nutrition and dietetics with the purpose of advancing the profession and protecting the public.

The ACEND® Board released the Future Education Model Accreditation Standards for Associate and Graduate Degree Programs in Nutrition and Dietetics.

The ACEND Board voted to reformat the FEM Accreditation Standards, which will be released on November 1, 2021 for voluntary adoption with mandatory adoption on June 1, 2022 by programs that are following the demonstration program standards. ACEND® will be hosting a webinar on the reformatting to the FEM Accreditation Standards on Friday, November 5, 2021 from noon -1 p.m. Central time.

Future Education Model Accreditation Standards

Future Education Model Accreditation Standards Documents

Guidance Information and Templates for the Future Education Model Accreditation Standards

Competencies and Performance Indicators in the Future Education Model Standards

For information on practice illustrations and demonstration of assessment for each of the competencies refer to Appendixes A, B and C in the Guidance Information document.

Demonstration Program Application

ACEND® invites applications from organizations interested in sponsoring a nutrition and dietetics program that would be accredited under the ACEND® Future Education Model Accreditation Standards for Associate or Graduate Degree Programs as an early adopter demonstration program.

ACEND® is no longer accepting applications for the Future Education Model Bachelor's Degree Programs, if your program has started an application or was interested in a Future Education Model Bachelor's Degree Program, please contact ACEND at futuremodel@eatright.org.

Sixth Cohort

Applications for the sixth cohort of demonstration programs are due by 11:00 a.m. (Central time) on December 6, 2021.

Programs that were planning on submitting a Future Bachelor's Degree Program application for cohort 6, contact ACEND at futuremodel@eatright.org.

Webinar on Application Process, FAQ for the Future Education Model and Timeline for Cohorts

ACEND® has received many questions about the Future Model and has compiled a Frequently Asked Questions document with the most commonly asked questions and ACEND® 's response to each Download PDF of Frequently Asked Questions.

Talking Points About ACEND® Standards for Administrators and Students

ACEND® developed talking points to help programs discuss Future Education Model demonstration programs to administrators and students.

Rationale for Future Education Preparation of Nutrition and Dietetics Practitioners

ACEND® has collected data in multiple projects with stakeholders and is testing a new model for education of nutrition and dietetics practitioners.

Virtual Town Hall

ACEND® hosts a virtual town hall quarterly to answer your questions about ACEND® 's work. All stakeholders are invited to participate. Learn more about Virtual Town Hall Meetings.

FNCE® ACEND® Forum Presentation

The ACEND® Forum presentation at FNCE® 2017 provided an update on ACEND® 's Standards work and the Future Education Model. Also discussed were the topics of competency-based education and competency assessment. You can view the presentation and the slides using the links below:

Overview of Competency Based Education

A webinar on the overview of competency based education was presented at the January 19, 2021 ACEND® Virtual Town Hall.