Truth and Transparency: Facts about Corporate Sponsorship

Questions occasionally arise about the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics' corporate sponsorship program, including its purpose and whether sponsorship exerts influence on the healthful eating advice and nutrition services provided by Academy members.

The Academy is happy to provide detailed facts (as opposed to opinion or speculation) about our sponsorship program. These facts show the Academy is transparent about our sponsorship program and does not tailor messages or programs in any way due to corporate sponsors.

On the contrary: The Academy's consumer messages are based on evidence-based reviews of the latest and most authoritative science, including the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and other authoritative sources.

Corporate sponsorship enables the Academy — as it does for nonprofit organizations and associations nationwide — to build awareness of the Academy and our members; to share science-based information and new research with members; and to enable the Academy to reach a wider consumer audience with our messages than would otherwise be possible.

Sponsorships are a common occurrence among nonprofit organizations. According to a 2012 study by the consulting and research firm IEG, approximately two-thirds of nonprofits either have corporate sponsorships or are seeking them.

The Academy builds and maintains our reputation by scrupulous attention to facts, science and honesty. We are certain that the information presented on this page will clearly demonstrate this to be true.

Examples of the Academy's Science-Based Consumer Messages