Evidence-Based Resources

Evidence-Based Dietetics Practice uses systematically reviewed scientific evidence to make food and nutrition practice decisions by integrating best available evidence with professional expertise and client values to improve outcomes.

The Academy's Evidence Analysis Process is a rigorous and systematic process for searching, analyzing and summarizing research on a specific nutrition topic.

Key Considerations

  • Evidence-based dietetics practice is consistent with the general definition and key considerations of "Evidence-Based Practice" in health care outlined in the Academy's Scope of Practice Dietetic Framework Definition of Terms.
  • Evidence-based dietetics practice is based on the best available evidence including research, national guidelines, policies, consensus statements, expert opinion and quality improvement data.
  • The determination of "best available evidence" is based on the hierarchy of evidence.
  • The systematic review of scientific evidence is an ongoing process.
  • Evidence-based dietetics practice involves continuing evaluation of outcomes which becomes part of the evidence base.
  • Evidence-based dietetics practice applies to individual clients, customers and communities.
Approved by Academy House of Delegates, February 2006