Medicare MNT

Medical Nutrition Therapy is an essential component of comprehensive health care. The Academy provides RDNs with the necessary information on MNT and Medicare Part B.

  • MNT Resources and Forms

    Forms, websites and articles containing additional information about MNT. Read More

  • Medicare Advantage

    Medicare Advantage Plans, sometimes called Medicare Part C, Medicare+Choice Plans or MA Plans, are health coverage plans offered by private insurance companies or managed care organizations that contract with Medicare to provide Medicare Part A and B benefits to Medicare beneficiaries. Read More

  • Local Coverage Determination

    Check out whether your local CMS contractor (MAC, carrier or fiscal intermediary) has developed a Local Coverage Determination (LCD). Read More

  • Practice Settings - FAQs

    Here are the answer to the most frequently asked questions concerning the Medicare MNT benefit in relation to the practice setting. Read More

  • Advanced Beneficiary Notices for Medicare MNT Benefit

    Registered dietitian nutritionists who are participating in the Medicare program as providers for MNT for diabetes and non dialysis kidney disease should understand and use appropriate forms. Read More

  • Complying With Medicare Regulations

    Registered dietitian nutritionists must review how they provide services to individuals in order to comply with Medicare regulations, and needs to be considered before they particate. Read More