Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program

The Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program refers to the new Medicare Part B benefit for the National Diabetes Prevention Program, a lifestyle change intervention program. The accelerating expansion of the NDPP and the new MDPP benefit provide numerous opportunities for food and dietetics practitioners to play an important role in preventing diabetes in several populations, including the Medicare population.

Medicare beneficiaries who meet criteria, based on their Body Mass Index and glucose levels, are eligible to participate in the year long Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program, beginning in 2018.  Food and dietetics practitioners may be well positioned to work in, or with programs as program directors or managers, lifestyle coaches, or as master trainers. Medicare will pay for Medicare beneficiary participation in National Diabetes Prevention Program programs that have achieved Center for Disease Control and Prevention full recognition status and have been approved as Medicare Suppliers of the MDPP.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is in the process of finalizing proposed rules to implement the MDPP starting in 2018, including beneficiary eligibility, payment structure, supplier enrollment requirements and supplier compliance standards. Updates and additional resources will be provided once the proposed rules are finalized.