Are you an RDN who performs medical nutrition therapy? Are you responsible for billing in a facility where RDNs use medical nutrition therapy? The Academy seeks to empower dietetics professionals — including billing personnel — to expand coverage and receive competitive reimbursement for quality nutrition services.

Understanding and being familiar with billing codes will ensure that reimbursement is obtained when providing nutrition services. Whether you have a biller or maintain the billing on your own, dietetics professionals should be educated on the latest, most up-to-date nutrition services codes.

Learn more about Medicare and insurance coverage of medical nutrition therapy (or MNT), which services are covered, and how to correctly list diagnosis codes and medical conditions on claims forms.

To learn more about how the Academy supports the development and communication of nutrition services codes, the integration of nutrition services into emerging health care delivery and payment models, and the empowerment of dietetics practitioners to expand coverage and receive competitive payment for quality nutrition services, visit the Nutrition Services Payment Committee page.