Book Reviews

Diet books routinely top the best-seller lists, and new diet plans come out seemingly every day. To help you understand which diets are reasonable and which should be avoided, current and former Academy spokespeople have reviewed a number of diet books, asking such questions as:

  • What claims does the author make?
  • What does his or her diet plan entail?
  • Are there nutritional weaknesses in the plan? Strengths?
  • What's the registered dietitian nutritionist's bottom-line assessment of the book?

As registered dietitian nutritionists, Academy spokespeople have the knowledge and expertise to help decipher fact from fad in order to help you develop a healthy eating plan that is right for you.


Latest News

  • Green Foods for Men: Powerful Foods for a Clean, Healthy Diet

    Covering the basic components of green foods in relation to men's needs, Green Foods for Men includes not only green vegetables but green foods that contain chlorophyll. Ordering vegetables as a side or bringing a salad to work with you should not make you feel any less masculine. Read More

  • The Serotonin Revolution

    The Serotonin Revolution claims weight loss can be achieved by balancing four hormones that regulate our mood, appetite and weight: serotonin, dopamine, leptin and adrenals. Read More

  • The Microbiome Diet

    The plan claims to "heal your gut, reset your metabolism and achieve dramatic, sustainable weight loss" by restoring balance to gut flora and changing the ecology of the gut. The microbiome diet will help improve energy, mood, mental focus and cognition, and decrease inflammation, autoimmune disorders and genetic predisposition to obesity. Read More

  • Living Skinny in Fat Genes: The Healthy Way to Lose Weight and Feel Great

    Less of a diet plan and more about myth-busting, the book discusses healthy-eating strategies. The author provides a standard formula for calculating calorie needs and a chart from that shows how many servings are recommended from each food group based on individual calorie requirements. Read More

  • Eating for Autism: The 10-Step Nutrition Plan to Help Treat Your Child's Autism, Aspergers or ADHD

    This is not a traditional diet plan but rather an approach for dealing with nutrition concerns and nutrition therapy strategies for children with autism. It includes 10 steps for spotting and addressing nutrition issues. The author recommends completing the steps in the order outlined; however, not all steps are needed for all kids if parents find symptoms and behaviors improve with the basic steps. Read More

  • Joy's LIFE Diet: Four Steps to Thin Forever

    LIFE in the title stands for "Look Incredible Feel Extraordinary." In addition to weight loss, this diet claims to lead to better sleep, more energy, increased strength and stamina, less bloating, greater self-confidence, fewer mood swings, better memory and greater overall enthusiasm. Read More

  • Fat Flush for Life: The Year-Round Super Detox Plan to Boost Your Metabolism and Keep the Weight Off Permanently

    The Fat Flush Plan for Life claims a seasonal approach to diet, exercise and wellness will "flush" and "detoxify" your liver and lymphatic system, ridding them of harmful toxins that cause weight gain and excessive bloating. Read More

  • Food Matters: A Guide to Conscious Eating

    The premise is foods produced by agribusiness in the form of highly processed flours, fats and high-fructose corn syrup have little nutritional value and are the cause of the nation's current health problems, including diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and obesity. Read More

  • La Dieta del Gordo

    This book is the story of how after being diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2005, Raul de Molina — a well-known Hispanic television celebrity — changed his eating habits and lifestyle. He writes about his struggles with weight and provides nutrition and exercise tips that helped him lose 70 pounds. Read More

  • Extreme Fat Smash Diet

    The author claims to offer a quick weight-loss plan based on sound scientific principles and thoughtful, proven research. The diet, which is constructed so most people will lose 12 pounds after just three weeks, has been created for dieters to repeat cycles until they have lost their goal amount. Read More