Book Reviews

Diet books routinely top the best-seller lists, and new diet plans come out seemingly every day. To help you understand which diets are reasonable and which should be avoided, current and former Academy spokespeople have reviewed a number of diet books, asking such questions as:

  • What claims does the author make?
  • What does his or her diet plan entail?
  • Are there nutritional weaknesses in the plan? Strengths?
  • What's the registered dietitian nutritionist's bottom-line assessment of the book?

As registered dietitian nutritionists, Academy spokespeople have the knowledge and expertise to help decipher fact from fad in order to help you develop a healthy eating plan that is right for you.


Latest News

  • The Dorito Effect: The Surprising New Truth About Food and Flavor

    The author's opinions drive much of the dialogue in this book about how the flavors of food — both plants and animals — have changed throughout the last 50 years. Read More

  • What Are You Hungry For?

    A mind-body approach is the key to lifelong well-being in this manual for higher health, based on the latest findings in both mainstream and alternative medicine. Read More

  • Zero Belly Diet: Lose Up to 16 lbs. in 14 days!

    The Zero Belly Diet claims to show how to deactivate fat genes, rev up metabolism, banish bloat and balance digestive health. The result is weight loss that's easier, faster and longer lasting. Read More

  • Menús Conscientes

    Menús Consicentes is the continuation of Suzanne Powell's Alimentación Consciente. It is meant to be a practical guide to preparing everyday foods following the dissociated diet or food combining — the basis for proper digestion and allowing continuous detox. Read More

  • The Blue Zones Solution

    Detailing a plan to maximize your health based on the practices of the world's healthiest people, The Blue Zones Solution reveals how to transform your health using smart eating and lifestyle habits gleaned from new research on the diets, eating habits and lifestyle practices of communities identified as "Blue Zones" — places with the world's longest-lived, and, thus, healthiest people. Read More

  • Green Foods for Men: Powerful Foods for a Clean, Healthy Diet

    Covering the basic components of green foods in relation to men's needs, Green Foods for Men includes not only green vegetables but green foods that contain chlorophyll. Ordering vegetables as a side or bringing a salad to work with you should not make you feel any less masculine. Read More

  • Mind Your Body – 10 Core Concepts For An Optimally Balanced You

    Joel Harper's book outlines 10 optimal traits that lead to successful nutritional, physical and mental fitness. Putting an end to yo-yo dieting and frustrating weight loss plateaus, Mind Your Body presents a self-empowering and life-changing mind-body solution. Read More

  • The Serotonin Revolution

    The Serotonin Revolution claims weight loss can be achieved by balancing four hormones that regulate our mood, appetite and weight: serotonin, dopamine, leptin and adrenals. Read More

  • The Microbiome Diet

    The plan claims to "heal your gut, reset your metabolism and achieve dramatic, sustainable weight loss" by restoring balance to gut flora and changing the ecology of the gut. The microbiome diet will help improve energy, mood, mental focus and cognition, and decrease inflammation, autoimmune disorders and genetic predisposition to obesity. Read More

  • The Alkaline Cure

    Presented as a prescription for health by cleansing the body of toxins and resetting pH balance, The Alkaline Cure claims that the Western diet promotes an acidic environment and that living "acid-free" will lead to increased energy, decreased inflammation and reduced risk of illness including cancer and diabetes. Read More