App Reviews

Thousands of diet and nutrition apps are available for phones and tablets. Turn to the food and nutrition experts — registered dietitians nutritionists — for science-based reviews of the most popular apps to help you safely manage your health, so you don't make your selection based on the same criteria used to rate Angry Birds.

Understand which apps are helpful and based on fact, not fad. With ratings based on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, three Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics spokespeople have reviewed top-rated, free iPhone apps for those looking to lose weight, manage their diabetes or eat gluten-free:

  • Marisa Moore, MBA, RD, LD, reviews the top-rated free iPhone apps for managing diabetes.
  • Jessica Crandall, RD, CDE, reviews the top-rated free iPhone apps for gluten-free eating.
  • Sarah Krieger, MPH, RD, LDN, reviews the top-rated free iPhone apps for weight management.

Latest News

  • Daily Burn

    An RDN reviews Daily Burn, an app to keep track of calories consumed and track workouts to see how much energy is burned. Read More

  • Diet Assistant

    Diet Assistant provides diet plans for those who want to gain, lose or maintain their weight. The app ties it all together with a weight tracker and supportive tools to execute a diet. Read More

  • eaTipster

    Created by the Dietitians of Canada, eaTipster delivers daily healthy eating tips to your mobile devices. The app addresses common food and nutrition questions and concerns and provides tips to increase healthy eating, support a healthy weight and fight chronic disease. Read More

  • Gluten Free Daily

    An RDN reviews Gluten Free Daily, an app built to provide education and resources about following a gluten-free diet. Read More

  • Gluten Free Restaurant Cards from

    An RDN reviews Gluten Free Restaurant Cards from, an app that allows people managing celiac disease or gluten intolerance to safely and easily dine out, even in another country. Read More

  • CeliacFeed

    An RDN reviews CeliacFeed, an app that can be used to locate gluten-free restaurants and products and share gluten-free experiences and recommendations with others who have celiac disease or gluten intolerance. Read More

  • FoodWiz

    An RDN reviews FoodWiz, an app that can be used to scan and read product bar codes and find out which products meet your needs based on specific allergen restrictions, such as eggs, gluten, dairy or shell fish. Read More

  • Calorie Counter

    An RDN reviews Calorie Counter, an app that tracks food, exercise, weight and all the nutrients listed on a Nutrition Facts label. Read More

  • Diabetes Log

    An RDN reviews Diabetes Log, an app that allows the user to easily track glucose readings, carbohydrate intake and insulin dosage by date. Read More

  • AllergyEatsMobile

    An RDN reviews AllergyEatsMobile, an app built by members of the food allergy community who can offer assistance to each other by rating a restaurant on how well it can accommodate to the needs of customers with specific food allergens. Read More