Committees and Task Forces

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has numerous committees and task forces that support the Board of Directors and House of Delegates, in addition to joint committees that assist both the BOD and HOD. All committees establish goals for each year, and the goals are designed to fit the strategic plan of the Academy.

Committees of the HOD serve as key work groups by selected delegates, members and invited participants each year. Committees are permanent within the structure of the HOD, whereas a task force or tactical work group may be assigned a project or an assignment for a short-term period.

Committees of the HOD are: HOD Leadership Team, Academy Positions Committee, Council on Future Practice, Diversity Committee, Quality Management Committee and Scope of Dietetics Practice Framework Sub-committee.  The Speaker-elect, in collaboration with staff and the President-elect, appoint committee members annually. Members will be chosen according to expertise and needs of the committee for the assigned work.

Joint committees of the BOD and the HOD are: Ethics Committee, Evidence-Based Practice Committee, Committee for Professional Development, Legislative and Public Policy Committee, Nutrition Care Process/Standardized Language Committee, Nutrition Informatics Committee, and Research Committee. The President-elect and the Speaker-elect appoint members to the committee jointly.

BOD Committees are: Executive Committee, Academy Political Action Committee, Coding and Coverage Committee, Education Committee, Finance & Audit Committee, Honors Committee, Member Value Committee, and Student Advisory Committee. The president-elect, in collaboration with staff and speaker-elect appoint committee members annually.

The HOD or the HOD Leadership Team may establish new HOD committees or joint BOD/HOD committees in consultation with the President. Most committees maintain a procedural manual that details activities, procedures, forms, and other materials utilized by the committee. These procedures are reviewed annually to assure that they continue to meet the needs of the committee members and the needs of membership. Revisions are made as needed.