About the Board of Directors

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Board of Directors is made up of 19 individuals who are part of the nation's top nutrition and health professionals. 

Position and Term Lengths

Title  Term Length
President 1 year
President-Elect (elected by general membership) 1 year
Immediate Past-President 1 year
Treasurer 1 year
Treasurer-Elect (elected by general membership) 1 year
Past-Treasurer 1 year
Directors at Large (3, elected by general membership) 3 years
House of Delegates Director (3, elected by the general membership) 3 years
Speaker of the HOD 1 year
Speaker-Elect of the HOD 1 year
Immediate Past-Speaker of the HOD 1 year
Public Member 3 years
     (2, appointed by the Academy Board of Directors for up to a three year term)
Academy Foundation Chair (elected by the Foundation) 1 year
Academy CEO (non-voting)  

Leadership Directory

Names to Know