Quality Health Care

Effective health care is critical for the prevention and treatment of chronic disease. The Academy believes that the health of all Americans should improve as a result of our health policy choices. Sufficient resources must be made available to ensure optimal health. Nutrition services, from pre-conception through end of life, are an essential component of comprehensive health care, and the care must be patient-centered. Stable, sufficient and reliable funding is necessary for our health-care system to provide everyone access to a core package of benefits. Creating a strong health-care system requires a strategic and focused effort in building long-term relationships with department and agency officials.

Forty-six states currently have statutory provisions regarding professional regulation of dietitians and/or nutritionists. The rationale for legislatures acting to protect these titles is that the public deserves access to professionals that are qualified by education, experience and examination to provide nutrition care services. Enacting licensure laws in states without current regulations and protecting current licensure remains a high priority for the Academy.