Healthy Food Systems and Access

Academy members work to ensure that all Americans have access to a healthy, safe food supply by leading efforts to reduce food deserts, increasing participation in nutrition programs and working with industry to help develop nutritious food products that are widely available to the public. Federal nutrition programs, like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, National School Lunch and Breakfast Program and the Special Supplemental Women, Infants and Children Program, provided a bridge for citizens during the recent economic downturn. Nevertheless, the percentage of those that are food insecure still remains high.

We recognize that many of the populations served are vulnerable to food insecurity and to food poisoning and waterborne illnesses, and that counseling and other services must cover these topics to be effective. Academy members use a variety of engaging and effective nutrition education interventions that include social marketing initiatives to empower consumers to make safe, healthy food choices, as directed in the National Prevention and Health Promotion Strategy. It is important that consumers be given accurate and easy-to-understand information to make these food choices.