Academy Research Toolkit 2011

The following presentations are from the Academy’s Research Toolkit, which was developed in 2011. They require Adobe Flash Player to view and will not play on all mobile devices. DPBRN is currently developing a new iteration of the Research Toolkit; please look for this in early 2017.

Developing a Good Research Question and Testable Hypothesis (Step 1)

Selecting the Appropriate Study Design (Step 2)

Statistics: Terms and Descriptive Tests (Step 4) 

Statistics: Correlations — assessing the relationship between two variables (Step 4)

Statistics: T-tests — assessing the difference between two variables (Step 4)

Statistics: ANOVA and MANOVA — assessing the difference between more than two variables (Step 4)

Statistics: Linear Regression (assessing the relationship between more than two variables) and Chi-square (assessing differences in the frequency of categorical variables) (Step 4)

Statistics: Epidemiologic Methods (Step 4)