RDNs and DTRs Driving Policy in States

Setting the Food and Nutrition Table: RDNs and DTRs Driving Policy in States

11/19/2014 - Academy members in Minnesota have helped lead the state to join four other states (Iowa, Michigan, Oregon and West Virginia) in developing a Food Charter.

The Minnesota Food Charter is a roadmap designed to guide policy makers and community leaders in providing Minnesotans with equal access to affordable, safe and healthy food, regardless of where they live – access that not only improves their health and well-being, but also has the potential to significantly improve the state's economy.

Academy members in organizations such as the Minnesota Department of Health took the initiative to pursue development of the Minnesota Food Charter with the combined effort of hundreds of organizations throughout the state, including state agencies, the University of Minnesota, corporations and nonprofits, and thousands of citizens. Their leadership will help provide solutions to the increasing rates of chronic disease through improved nutrition.