RDN, Science-Based Nutrition Come Out On Top in Network Reality Show

1/28/2016 – The ABC Television Network's reality series "My Diet Is Better Than Yours" concluded Thursday evening with resounding triumph for smart, science-based nutrition and healthful lifestyle changes. Registered dietitian nutritionist and former Academy Spokesperson Dawn Jackson Blatner joined 37-year-old Jasmin to compete against four contestant-trainer teams for a $50,000 cash prize, $20,000 in free groceries and a feature article in People Magazine. After eight episodes of mini-challenges, weigh-ins and details of each celebrity trainer's weight loss and fitness plan — all leading up to a half-marathon race and final weigh-in — Jasmin emerged victorious on Blatner's "Superfood Swap Diet."

"I met this woman, and she was a confident, beautiful woman," said Blatner in the season finale. "Over these 14 weeks, I have seen emerge an even more confident, more beautiful woman. Someone who just shines when she walks into a room."

A private practice RDN based in Chicago, Blatner leads cooking workshops, writes for several national publications and is author of Counseling Overweight Adults: The Lifestyle Patterns Approach and Toolkit (American Dietetic Association 2009) and The Flexitarian Diet (McGraw Hill 2009).

"From the very first day, [Jasmin] has been doing this on her own with just me cheering her on," said Blatner, whose nutrition plan was the only one based on simple ingredient substitutions without fasting or elimination dieting. "The Superfood Swap is the plan to beat because it literally is the most realistic plan to do for life."

While Blatner is not the first RDN to appear on a reality television show, she is the first former Academy media spokesperson (serving 2002 to 2011) to star in such a show and the only registered dietitian nutritionist to compete on "My Diet Is Better Than Yours." Her contestant Jasmin, who is described as having high cholesterol and prediabetes at the beginning of the season, won the most milestone challenges (including the final half-marathon race at 2:48:06), reduced her body fat by 26.5 percent, lost 10 inches in her waist circumference and, according to the show, lowered her cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure to "perfect" levels.