Coming Soon: Scope of Practice Video Clips

10/09/2015 - Four new videos are being produced in an effort to make the Academy's Scope of Practice information for students, registered dietitian nutritionists and health professionals more understandable.

The Practice Clips

The first is the "Non-Registered Nutritionist" clip, discussing what job functions a non-registered nutritionist can perform and steps to take to gain the appropriate credential. And, the "Co-sign/RDN Supervision" video provides information addressing the confusion around who co-signs medical records for new hires, interns and students. To review the qualifications of a NDTR and the associated scope of practice, view the "NDTR Scope of Practice" clip. Lastly, "Telehealth" presents the different laws, rulings and policies associated with telehealth in relation to practicing dietetics.

Look for the these Practice Clips to be released soon! For more information to help students and professionals navigate their practice, visit the Scope of Practice area on for webinars, case studies and practice tips.