Research DPG

Research DPG

DPG #54

Research DPG members are the most valued source for conducting, interpreting and applying research. Accordingly, members are employed in various settings such as universities, academic research centers, governmental departments, non-profit research agencies and the food industry as well as in a variety of dietetic practices. Many members are involved in cutting edge projects in the Academy, including the Evidence Analysis Library® and Position Paper authorship and review. The DPG also has a liaison to the Council on Research of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Mission: The Research Dietetic Practice Group is leading the future of dietetics by promoting the conduct and application of research related to food, nutrition and dietetics.

Vision: The Research Dietetic Practice Group will provide members with information and networking to allow them to be the valued source for conducting, interpreting, and applying research related to food, nutrition, and dietetics.


  • Chair: Beth Reverri, PhD, RD
  • Chair-elect: Ashley Vargas, PhD, MPH, RDN, FAND
  • Past Chair: Lauri Byerley, PhD, RDN, FAND
  • Treasurer: Suzi Baxter, PhD, RD, LD, FADA, FAND
  • Secretary: Tracey Ledoux, PhD, RD, FAND
  • Nominating Committee: Nancy Emenaker, PhD, MED, RD
  • Newsletter Editor: Cheryl Reifer, PhD, LD
  • Delegate: David Holben, PhD, MA, MS, RDN, FAND
  • Academy Research Council Liaison: Barbara Gordon, RD, LD
  • Website Committee Chair: Valisa Hedrick, PhD, RD
  • PAL: Brook Harmon, RD, FAND
  • Membership Coordinator: Kathryn Hoy, MSFN, RD, CD, CDN

Member Benefits

  • Networking with members about current research issues
  • Continuing education available to members from a variety of sources, including The Digest articles approved for CPE, FNCE® sessions planned by the DPG, webinars and others
  • Electronic mailing list membership available free-of-charge
  • Regular communication with other members on the EML, by e-mails and on the website
  • Opportunities for interaction with dietetic research leaders and national experts in food and nutrition research
  • Announcements of new grant funding, position openings, requests for leadership and new food and nutrition initiatives
  • Access to the RDPG website
  • Annual FNCE® Member Breakfast for networking and updates on activities
  • Recognition by annual awards for research excellence
  • Seed grant awards for new research ideas
  • Mentoring event for nutrition researchers
  • Webinar on nutrition research

Newsletter Name and Unique Features

The Digest is the quarterly newsletter available online to RDPG members. Lead articles are available for CPE credit. Other articles report research activities of members, highlight individual members and accomplishments and include reports from current officers on group activities.

Academy Positions Involvement Research DPG Authored or Reviewed the Following Positions

  • Dietary Fatty Acids
  • Fortification and Nutrition Supplements
  • The Roles of Registered Dietitians and Dietetic Technicians, Registered in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (2006)
  • Agricultural and Food Biotechnology (2006)
  • Nutrition for Women's Health (2004)
  • Nutrition and Lifestyle for a Healthy Pregnancy Outcome (2002)
  • Total Diet Approach to Communicating Food and Nutrition Information (2002)

Awards, Grants, Scholarships and Stipends

  • Undergraduate and Graduate Student Paper Awards
  • Seed grant awards for pilot projects
  • Other awards are available irregularly and will be announced to members via monthly eblast when open/available

Networking, Business Meetings, Continuing Professional Education Events, Receptions

The Research DPG holds a breakfast reception and a business meeting at FNCE® giving members an opportunity for networking. Also, members communicate via e-mail and EML. The DPG sponsors an educational session at FNCE® for continuing professional education credit.

Enhancement and Promotion of the Academy's Strategic Initiatives and Campaigns

Member Initiative

RDPG supports this initiative by communicating with new members, maintaining an electronic mailing list, sending group emails about issues of concern to all members, and providing a website accessible to members. Awards recognize members and their students for their research endeavors.

Influence key food, nutrition and health initiatives

By leading research, members are providing input to many initiatives.

Impact the research agenda and facilitate research supporting the dietetics profession

Many Research DPG members are involved with the Academy Evidence Based Analysis Library® thereby impacting the profession. Members serve as liaisons to the Academy's Council on Research, the House of Delegates and the Academy's Visioning Process.