Food Additives 2: Free

Current version: 2.5

RDN Rating: 2 Stars

Age rating: 4+

Compatibility: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later.

Reviewed by: Jessica Crandall, RDN, CDE


Synopsis of the App

Ever wonder what's in your soda? The Food Additives app provides information about additives (such as maximum daily intake, known and potential side effects) and how to avoid additives that are potentially dangerous or unsafe to your health. It also lists information for allergies or dietary restrictions, such as vegan.



  • No Internet required since it contains its own database.
  • Has interface with Wikipedia for fast research needs.
  • Reports risk level of certain foods and items.



  • There are only about 50 additives in free version's database, but the full version has more than 450 additives with required payment.
  • Science-based and detailed, but reads like a catalog of additives and may be confusing for an average consumer looking for nutrition advice to apply to his or her daily life.


Bottom Line

While the app offers science-based information, it would be more useful for a student of nutrition studying specific additives than an average shopper looking for nutrition and healthy eating advice.