Nutrition Focused Physical Exam Workshop FAQs

Frequently asked questions for participants and host facilities for the Nutrition Focused Physical Exam Hands-on Training workshop.

For RDN Participants

How long is the NFPE Hands-on Training Workshop day?

  • RDN participants are to arrive at 7:30am for a continental breakfast and to complete pre-workshop materials.
  • The NFPE workshop begins at 8 a.m. and the workshop concludes at 4:30 p.m.

What should I bring to the NFPE workshop?

  • If you did not purchase the NFPA: Making Clinical Connections required text during the registration process, you will need to bring a copy the day of the workshop.
  • If you purchased the NFPA: Making Clinical Connections required text during the registration process, the book will be provided to you the day of the workshop.

How should I dress the day of the workshop?

  • Business casual, short sleeve shirt or sleeveless shirt with sweater or jacket, as needed, to allow for NFPE of upper extremities
  • Loose fitting pants, or skirt that will allow NFPE of lower extremities for edema
  • Please wear closed toe shoes—no sandals

Is there a different workshop for adult and pediatric RDNs?

  • Yes, there are separate adult and pediatric focused workshops. You may attend either workshop, but the lecture and actual patient rounds will be specific to the focus area.

How many CPEs is the NFPE workshop?

  • 10 CPEs have been approved by CDR.

What if I don't want to touch people during the hands-on breakout sessions and patient rounds, can I just come for the lecture?

  • Workshop participants MUST participate in all breakout session and rounds to obtain the CPEs.
  • One of the goals for the NFPE workshop is to teach the NFPE skills in palpating and examining patients for malnutrition. Another goal is for RDNs to increase their comfort and confidence level with performing NFPE on patients.
  • RDN participants should come to the workshop understanding he/she will be touching peer RDNs and patients to obtain NFPE skills.

Can dietetic students or interns attend a NFPE workshop?

  • Dietetic students or interns are welcomed at the NFPE workshop.

Do dietetic students or interns receive a discount?

  • No discount is provided for students or interns attending a NFPE Hands-on Training Workshop.
  • Internships that wish to host a private training for their interns should complete the host site application.

What if I'm not sure that I want to come, can I register and then get a refund if I decide not to come to the workshop?

Does the Academy offer ongoing support after the NFPE workshop?

  • Yes, each workshop participant is provided access to a weekly phone call and an electronic communication forum lead by an Academy trainer. These modes of ongoing support can be utilized to ask questions, share experiences, and/or listen to peer RDNs discussions on malnutrition from across the country.

I will not able to attend all of the weekly phone calls after the workshop. Is that a problem?

  • No, the weekly phone calls are set up on a conference line. Workshop participants can call in when it works in their schedule. The phone calls are a set day and time each week and last no more than 30 minutes.

How will I obtain the materials for the "Peer Champion" model for the RDNs back at my facility?

  • Each workshop participant will be provided access to the electronic communication forum where the materials necessary to implement the "peer champion" model will be available. Additional questions and support can be directed to an Academy trainer on the weekly phone call or the electronic communication forum.

In the "Peer Champion" model, how many CPEs are the staff RDNs eligible to receive?

  • Staff RDNs that have completed all the requirements as outlined in the peer champion guidelines (provided after the workshop) are eligible for 8 CPEs.

Am I required to assist other RDNs at my facility if I sign up for the workshop because it uses the "peer champion" model?

  • No, workshop participants are not required to utilize the "peer champion" model, but the information is available to all workshop participants.

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For Host Facility

What is the minimum and maximum number of RDNs to participant in a NFPE Hands-on Training Workshop?

  • 12 RDN participants is the minimum
  • 24 RDN participants is the maximum

What if my facility doesn't have 12 RDNs to participate in a NFPE workshop?

  • The NFPE Hands-On Training Workshop was developed to be open to all RDNs in the region of the host facility, whether or not an employee at the facility.
  • How does my facility provide access to non-facility RDNs for the patient rounds portion of the NFPE workshop?

    • Non-facility RDNs must complete any requirements specified by the host facility to participate in the patient rounds portion of the workshop. The host facility indicates to the Academy what information is required.

    What is the cost to the host facility?

    • There is no cost to the host facility to be the host site for the NFPE workshop.
    • Host facilities are asked to provide a continental breakfast and lunch for all participants.

    Do RDNs from the host facility pay the same amount as all RDN workshop participants?

    • Yes, host facility RDNs pay the same amount as all participants.

    What is the benefit of being a host facility?

    • Facility receives NFPE Pocket Guides for facility RDNs that did not attend workshop(20 maximum)
    • RDN participants do not have to travel to another facility and able to participate in patient rounds with their patient population

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